Cracks are not uncommon in earth construction

Cracks aren’t uncommon in earth construction.
In cob construction, the walls have a tendency to crack due to several factors such as
-unequal drying
-improper shading
-direct exposure to sunlight or rain
-proportions of sand and clay
-consistency of the mix
-air temperature and humidity
The are two types of cracks- surface and structural and when structural cracks
occur,there is a need to be worried about.…

Learning from each other


In this ancient illustration from the medieval Spain we can see sitting under the
trees, neatly labelled a Gentile or pagan; a Jew; a Saracen or Moslem and a Christian; the
lady whose horse wades in the stream represents Intelligence. They are together and they
are learning from each other philosophical and spiritual traditions.… READ MORE...


IMG_8492“When houses become homes, they are not meant for staying, they serve the purpose of living.”
Sacred Groves started connecting the groves some months back by attracting people with their building and designing philosophies.
Economical and ecological building together did the foundation reinforcement of the ongoing design workshop.… READ MORE...

FLOw with it! – By Aditi for FLO

‘FLOw’ With It!IMG_1752
We are happy to introduce one more water filtration project after the success of Aquaponics. An experimental initiative has been taken by a volunteer, Flo, from Germany. The following article is about his proposal and intentions.

The system proposal is to collect grey water and urine from the shower area , that is consuming 1,000 liters.… READ MORE...