The Lime Chakki experience!

Lime Chakki is an ancient method of producing lime plaster. The ring is 5m dia in which the stone moves in a circular path pulled by the bullocks. There are two types of lime. One is hydraulic lime(impure), used for mortar purpose and also exterior plastering and non – hydraulic lime (pure) which is
used for smooth finishing.…

Adieu Batch of Dec 2018-April 2019

Architectural Internship is a time period in which one devotes their time and energy to gain knowledge of the practical implementation and to prepare them so as to put their feet into the pool of professionalism .

The batch of Dec’18 to April’19 experienced a refurbished version of the Internship process at Sacred Groves .… READ MORE...

Demolition waste

As time is passing the amount ofconstruction happeningis growing vigorously. With the rapid growth in construction activities, construction waste and demolition waste is increasing day by day. The best of cement structures last for a maximum of 100 years.This means that a cement building does not last beyond a generation!… READ MORE...

Many hands make light work

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together. – John Ruskin
How hard is it to build a wall seamlessly flat? If you ask a skilled tradesman, they might respond with “why are you even asking me…”; if you ask an average white collar employee with relatively no understanding of building walls, they may be stumped at ‘how hard is it to build a wall…’.… READ MORE...

Working with Adobes…..Yay!!!!!

adobe experiment
We know blogs have been silent for a while, but work at Sacred groves is on with full power!
Henceforth, we try to revive our blogs to keep everyone updated of the latest research, developments,struggles at Sacred Groves.
Now that the houses are growing pretty fast, excitement seems to be increasing every minute….… READ MORE...

FLOw with it! – By Aditi for FLO

‘FLOw’ With It!IMG_1752
We are happy to introduce one more water filtration project after the success of Aquaponics. An experimental initiative has been taken by a volunteer, Flo, from Germany. The following article is about his proposal and intentions.

The system proposal is to collect grey water and urine from the shower area , that is consuming 1,000 liters.… READ MORE...

Why are the Cob Walls so thick?

DSCN1418 tiff infomation tiff infomation DSCN1488

The morning breaks with the affectionate (intended though not ingested) wakeup call from the house mother. Unwilling, sleepy and drowsy all share smiles and morning greetings participating in the zombie walk to the Sacred Circle. The day’s tasks include scaffolding adjustments, tarp stitching and a concrete parapet making on the mezzanine floor slab of the third prototype house.… READ MORE...


As promised in one of the previous posts, to keep you all informed about the works done and currently going on site, today, we start with the mezzanine slab which was laid in the third house, i.e. the family unit.

Mezzanine slab in the third house is children’s play area, and to provide families who will be living in the house, a space for leisure activities.… READ MORE...