Administering the cure

In the world of concrete, the most important element is the curing. That three week plus process where you have to keep the concrete constantly hydrated.

You see, the chemical reaction that produces hard concrete requires a lot of water, especially in warm climates where the sun may suck the moisture out of concrete too fast. When this occurs, cracks appear and the resulting concrete is weak.

Water has to be sprayed at least twice a day, preferably more often so as to keep the concrete feeling cool to the touch as water evaporates from its surface.

This process can be tedious, or a lot of fun if you do it the way Datta, our fashion queen, does it.

Firstly, always dress for the part, blue shades are an excellent accessory to wear.

Datta watering
Striking a pose while watering

Then, go crazy with the hose and try to get at least part of the water on the concrete itself.

Datta watering
Datta goes crazy with the curing

So it’s your choice, you can make it a chore or a fun activity.

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