More Than Just A New Kitchen!




Recently the kitchen was shifted from the ladder house to the common house with the help of a few volunteers and interns at SacredGroves. It was bit of a task shifting every utensil and cabinet to the new space, but worth all the effort.

The new kitchen is well equipped with a stove, two cabinets, a cutting platform, and several electronic equipments like a coffee machine, food processor etc and a dining space, i.e the wall of the container laid flat in front of the common house doors, finished in mosaic flooring. Soon a refrigerator and a stainless steel sink will be a much-needed part of this space.

The space has been well thought of in terms of placing of the kitchen items at one end of the common house container. The stove is arranged on a platform made from waste shipping wood raised on a plywood cross-beam frame structure in front of the window, which serves as an exhaust as well as a serving counter. This maintains ease of circulation and function, preventing too many people from having to enter the kitchen at once.



Moreover, this space allows the volunteers who stay on site to make their own dinner and enhance the experience of community living by sharing a common kitchen. This also allows them to cook in the spirit of togetherness and eating together, just like we have our lunch together each day. Health and hygiene issues, and the money spent on eating dinner at local restaurants in and around Auroville can be thus minimized.

It has several other advantages of being pest proof such that no insects or animals, which get attracted to food, can enter this space as it is thoroughly shielded by a sliding door with mesh panels and the container itself has no other hole or space for rodents to enter. Recently a gutter was fixed in between the gap of the door and the roof of the lounge, making it fully water proof as well!


It is a dynamic space, large enough to enjoy the board games, wifi and the company of the fellow volunteers in the lounge area post dinner. The space, thus, helps in creating bonds through stories shared every night, through cultures exchanged, through new languages learnt, through observing each other and the beautiful sky each night…

So, come over for a cuppa chai post site work and romance with the night sky in our common house!



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