Being Resource-full

resource centre

Small habits go a long way in shaping oneself. They change the people around and, thus, eventually help in bringing about change in the immediate environment.

When we picture a construction site, images of reinforcement bars, torn cement bags, nails, excess plywood are inevitable. SacredGroves chooses to be different. We believe that no resource ends its productivity right after its use. Thus, the site becomes a home for creative ideas of how waste can be put to good use.

A resource centre on site is the collection point of all the reusable waste. Outside the resource center are bags for segregation of non-reusable waste. Plastic , paper, metal, medical waste  get sorted right at the moment when an individual approaches to decide the fate of the waste in his hand! This is picked up by the Auroville ecoservice regularly.

It so happens that in the course of our work schedule, we get stuck finding a small piece of something. The resource centre always has the answer. The act of not throwing away waste in haste and storing it in a systematic manner teaches us to be very resourceful! Today each one of us is hesitant to take a material for granted and not use it to its fullest. Small steps do go a long way in building our paradigms.

board 2

board 3

board 1
Signages on site made from the waste wood in the resource centre 
Wall panels for the onsite bathroom made from the tetrapack cartons

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