The Love Project

It is human behaviour to keep their loved belongings in an order. If one loves his workplace, it is natural for him to keep that place clean and safe. Moreover, a clean workplace always helps to keep a healthier and happier environment for the people working there.

A similar thought provoked one of the volunteers to initiate a daily micro project at SacredGroves.  Nicolas, a volunteer from France, proposed the Love Project.

Volunteers at SacredGroves dedicate the first 15 minutes of their day to clean up their workplace and the site. During this time the volunteers work on cleaning up the previous day’s waste, segregation of waste and keeping the things to be re-used at their respective places. As all the reusable things are brought back at Resource Centre, it keeps a control on the resources people are using.

The foremost purpose of this project is to keep everything safe and in order. The SacredGroves family shares feelings of togetherness, care and belonging to the place. The pathways are taken care of in such a way that every volunteer can walk barefoot on site without getting hurt. This even helps giving a good kick-start to the daily work as people find everything in order. These 15 minutes also help all the teams get prepared and warmed up for the day’s work.

The Love Project has helped improve the working conditions of the people working here resulting in a better work output from them. The Love Project has taught us to treat our workplace with the same respect and care as we do our homes.

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