A Good Shelter Needs a Good Roof

Roof of a house is the most crucial structural element of the entire building. As a person needs a cap to protect himself from sun and rain, even a building needs a roof structure to protect its constituents from harsh Glary sun in the afternoons and heavy unpredictable rains in the monsoons. Here at sacred groves we put together a brilliant framing roof structure from locally harvested bamboo. we thought on many optional materials to cover the head of the toilet complex such as Thatch and palm were some of the options which were brought to the table but ultimately proved to be quite labor intensive and also quite week to withstand the forces of nature, when compared with in house technology such as recycled corrugated tetra pack sheets. These sheets proved to be tough to protect from all strong elements of nature and is long lasting and durable for many years. The shape of the roof is sloped on three sides from the center, Like a pyramid cut in half this design is innovative and makes a good design for users who use the bathroom.


The Application

The putting up of the sheets is quite a simple task if taken thorough measures.


  1. Two people hand over the sheet to the team sitting on the frame work ( it is heavy )
  2. Four people on the frame work are required to place the sheets on the bamboo frame accurately and gives a signal to the one team mate.
  3. Meanwhile the helper down arranges the driller and the joints to be passed on to the person punching the hole.
  4. After the hole is punched and J-Bolt is pierced through the sheet the Nut is tightened by the other team mate from top and as the load is transferred from the sheet to the bolt it  catches on the bamboo with a little hammering.
  5. Make sure you punch the hole on the bump which doesn’t collect the rain that way we do not have and chances of leaks.



The process is repeated and sheets are punched with holes and J bolts placed to the entire span of the bamboo framing. The roof is intact and pretty tight to serve the purpose of a good shelter. Therefore this new building material proves to be quite a convenient system for roofing for any building. As we at sacred groves believe a good cap and good shoes makes the building safe and secure.

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