We’re changing: that’s the only constant in life.

This past week we went through a lot of changes, people coming in, people heading out, people taking a break.. Things are changing!


First it was Jagruti who had to return to her college. John, one of our long time volunteers, had to go home to finish his examinations, then it was Shreya and Geetika. We also saw Vidita and Soujanya return to their colleges.

Jagruti and Soujanya were responsible for much of the content uploaded to this blog: all of us who work here write, but they did the editing and the uploading. Shreya and Vidita provided much of the energy required for us to work, and Geetika was always available to help.

Jagruti always ensured that we weren’t fooling around, but Vidita helped us get around mommy..

Nothing got past Geetika’s eyes, especially her college mate,  Shreya  who was the baby of the crew:).  Soujanya, if you’re reading this, your foodie instincts, and amazing munchies have ruined our taste buds!

On the flip side, we have a new crew member, Amal, joining us from Kerala, He’s an eighth semester student of architecture. We’re excited to see where he takes us!

Change is abound , is the only constant, say the wise.. Change, we’re waiting!

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  1. I miss being HOME! So surprised to see all the blog posts still being put up:) good job you guys:)
    Lots of love from Pune

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