The New stewards of SacredGroves :D

Welcome to SacredGroves!
L – R —- Matthew, Solal , Ajay, Meera, Veedushi, Rahul.

Hello grovers ! I am Meera, an architecture student from Bhopal on a year long vacation from college and a new Sacred Grove intern. I wrote the previous post and then figured that you folks don’t really know me or any of the new members of our family, so I thought I would take the pleasure of introducing them to you.
Newest first, Matthew – architecture student and an intern at Sacred Groves, is really a “seedha-saada” guy from Kerala. With his flute and laptop, he seems to have all he needs in this world and I suppose Sacred Groves gives him the perfect setting along with the satisfaction of learning, working and contributing.
Then there’s Rahul and Savithri – civil engineering students from Tamil Nadu itself and volunteering here during their short vacation, which I think is pretty amazing. To learn how work is done from a practical point of view, they both are ever-smiling and full of energy and dedication!
Now since the girl population at Sacred Groves dorm had been zero for a short while and was causing a serious hazard to the residents, Veedushi – an intern from Jammu, joined in to bring back the craziness around this place! With constant supply of energy to talk throughout the day, she has a knack for making any space alive, and that shows in her work as well. And all the goodies she got for everyone from her home are just an added perk!
And finally (for now!), Solal and Ajay, my partners in all crimes along with Veedushi. Solal – a volunteer from France, is not really new to this place and is on his second innings in the project. With his liking for climbing up the scaffolding and carpentry, he is a great help in all sorts of work on site. Ajay – architecture student and a volunteer rom Mumbai, is jack of all trades. He can help with any site work and likes to go around clicking pictures and trying different musical instruments. Together, we mixed two batches of cob in hour and a half, which is quite impressive!
Every day is new with all the work, play and experiences, and I think it’s fun with all these people around – the new ones and the old ones. Being a ‘new one’ at any place has it’s own fears, but here they all seem so futile.

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