The week that led us to a Memorable Sunday :)

While the Sunday at Sacred Groves was a serene and musical night, what has not been mentioned in the earlier blog is the crazy week before the serene Sunday.

A lot happened in the week…

10893722_10204657572630682_436501888_n    10928749_10204657571790661_2087875381_n

The three houses have been built till the plinth level, and were back filled. We had over the JCB and many interns and volunteers worked their heart out for the back filling to finish on time. Leveling the concrete and the earth made everyone sweat, but at the end of it, all was done successfully. After leveling, water was poured and it was made to settle for a day, and the next day it was rammed, again by the people of Sacred Groves.

10904368_10204657577310799_24324635_n  10943225_10204657573310699_2137449914_n

Three new cob pits were dug up to increase the pace of work. A team has constantly been working on the new toilet complex and the bamboo walls of the complex were finished with the cob. Toni and Ale decorated the wall with murals.

IMG_20150127_111453   IMG_20150127_120019

After the week, and the day off on Monday (thanks to Republic Day), today things again started with a good pace.

IMG_20150127_111657   IMG_20150127_111720

A new pit has been dug up near the new toilet complex to make way for urine compost . A Banana tree will be planted on it. The tree will grow on the phenomenon of Permaculture which will have the urine compost, and cob bricks. It will be covered with mulch consisting of dry leaves, hay, coconut fiber, broken bricks to soak in the water.

IMG_20150127_125427        IMG_20150127_125858

The other works like cob mixing, trimming the wall and building up the wall of the houses continued at a regular pace on the site.

But today was also an emotional day for all of us, as one of the oldest member, Paolo, left SacredGroves today… He will surely be missed. Come back soon Paolo!!! 😀


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