Art On The Wall

After a whole lot of cob work and wall work, colors were scattered at sacred groves by our own artist Enrico, a volunteer from Italy. His job was to make the site more colorful and fix the loose ends. Painting section was given to him under which he had to take hold of mainly two projects which are painting the wall of the toilet and painting the container.


Wall of the shower were to be made with tetra sheets which means tetra sheet had to be painted. Enrico came up with the design but later realized the design wasn’t really going with the texture of the sheet so the task was to make the design again. This time Ale helped him out on his venture and the design was made, this time with perfection. So a big piece of sheet was selected and work started. Sheet was painted with primer and white color and was ready to paint. Ale and Enrico together finished the painting in almost 3-4 days.


The painting was just perfect, it was to us, so Sacred Grovian. The painting showed everything that we are and that we work for. Sacred grooves is just not only the work place for us but is our home where we all work towards same goal and feel the same about the Mother Nature around us. It was so easy for us to felt connected with it.


When I saw it after completion, there was nothing that I could have added. And the fact that it was not only the painting but the wall of one of the structures we are making made it even more interesting to look at. Painting showed everything that our site, that we are made of- the trees, the water, the soil (COB) :p , energy resources and us. Painting came out amazing and finally we got the wall of our compost toilet.


Readers should definitely check out Enrico’s work on


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