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Open Day and Valentine’s Day comes together on a joyful event at SacredGroves.  ‘Love’ was definitely in the air… Many people who spent the day here have touched our hearts. We thank all the Aurovillians and guests who have participated in our work and helped us revitalize the spirit and energy of the SacredGroves Team. It feels really good inside to see exciting new faces and getting compliments for the work we are doing. It solidifies our work ethic and strengthens the pillars of human unity which is the back bone of the project that everyone on site works for.



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We have 2 new volunteers who decided to join us just after working with us for a day and immediately vacated their guest house to move into our dormitory ‘Rubert’ from UK and ‘Max’ from Germany. We hear through words of ‘Jeane’ Auroville is acknowledging the sweaty , muscle crunching hard work the young enthusiasts from all over the world put in every day rigorously under the hot sun to build a sustainable and healthy model of living to Auroville and the world.

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There are many visitors who loved the event and immediately stepped into action to boost the team’s performance. We believe these people have a very kind heart and see the cause of this project in a way which many of us really cannot. They extended their helping hand to a fellow and despite of barriers conveyed us their love and admiration. This is an achievement and a next step for human unity, to break barriers of color, creed and nationality and work together to build a healthy and happy world.

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Sacred Groves is a project which instigates people who step in to find humaneness in themselves and the surrounding. Love towards all age groups and classes. Love to all animals and environment. We request everyone to experience these feelings and support us in whatever way possible. We thank ‘Derek’ and ‘Sue’ professional Emergency First aid experts from England who work for the ‘British Heart foundation’ who helped us understand that with a little bit of awareness how one can help a dying person and save them from death. This was a valuable learning experience for all of us. This session will someday save a dying heart and help it beat for a long time to spend their time at wise among their beloved.


This was a day to remember. As we say ‘All we need is Love and Love is all we need’. See you all again next week. Until then keep the beat alive.

  • Veeren Poola

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