The regular bloggers of the Sacred Groves blog have been on a break, and as the nature of the people in Sacred Groves is that of a floating one, the blog hasn’t been given a lot of time. But, from today onwards, we revive it.

While the blog has been almost dead, the work in Sacred Groves was not.

A lot has been happening on the site, and the people have been working with all their will and energy to build the ecological houses of the project.

The houses have come up on a good speed now. The walls of the first two houses, i.e. the single unit and the couple unit, have been built almost till the first floor level; also the arches for the doors and windows have been going on, with the arch of the door at the completion stage. To be more specific about the speed and to realize the work done, we have started to calculate the volume of wall done each day.

DSCN5812    DSCN5815

While that is the news on the first two houses, the third house, i.e. the family unit, saw its first mezzanine floor slab being laid.

Other works like repairing the ladder house, experimenting and testing the cob tiles for the false ceiling of the houses, constructing the partition wall for the toilet chamber, finishing the wattle and daub for the shower area, etc. have been going on parallel with the other critical works on site.





While this blogpost is just an overview of the works that we did not update you with, we will surely get back to you with all the technical, formal, informal, etc. details of the works from now on and keep you all well informed.


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