RUBBLE TRENCH FOUNDATION (for parapet walls)

We have now started with the foundation of parapet walls of the common verandah that is in front of the three houses. The type of foundation we are building is ‘Rubble Trench Foundation‘.

Various forms of the rubble trench foundation have been used for thousands of years in construction. Frank Lloyd Wright came across the rubble trench foundation system around the turn of the 20th Century. He observed the structures to be “perfectly static” with no signs of heaving, due to the complete elimination of water. From then forward, he built consistently with what he termed the “dry wall footing”.
In rubble trench foundation, a continuous trench is filled with crushed stone and topped with a grade beam. This type of foundation uniquely provides both structural bearing as well as water drainage in a single foundation system unlike concrete where damp proof course is required. During the rainy season specially the water tends to go in the foundation. The free movement of water through loosely packed rubble prevents the capillary action of water in the foundation (in capillary action the water tends to move vertically from the foundation to the wall above that causes dampness) . The water then moves through a channel below the loosely packed rubble. This channel is made throughout the foundation with some slope. The water from the deepest point is then drained out in a pit using a pipe where all the water is accumulated. This water then goes into the ground and fills the aquifers.

So we have finally started the setting out of trench. Me, Rene, Astha, Deovrat and Manushi are working on it. We all were really excited before starting with the foundation. But as it is said that “It’s very easy to draw a straight line on AutoCAD but the difficulty increases inversely when we do that on the site”. Same thing happened with us as we were doing it for the first time. But with Rene’s help we managed to mark the trench using the ropes and pegs. Its really sunny but we are having lots and lots of fun.

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-Kritika Kukreti

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