After long working hours , we the volunteers at Sacred Groves now have the luxury of enjoying a very relaxing fish spa all thanks to our new member in the family Giri. Giri from belgium whose very interested in Aquaponics, came down to Auroville and got to know about the Sacred Groves project through a mutual friend .
The project started with the setting up of the water pump , which was made by Giri personally and then the bio pool had to be cleaned up manually to get rid of all the dead leaves, plants and other organic matter. We also covered the bio pool and gave it some shade by fixing a shade net above the bio pool and Giri with his friend made two doors for the access to the bio pool and covered the rest of the entrance.








Before I get into the technical aspects of the Aquaponics project let me give me you a basic idea about the Aquaponic system and how it works. There are three crops in an Aquaponic system the fish, the plants and the invisible but crucial beneficial bacteria. It is the bacteria that converts the toxic components of the fish waste into a form of nutrients usable by the plants. Without the bacteria an aquaponic system will fail.
Fish excrete ammonia through their urine and also their solid waste when broken down. Ammonia even at low levels is toxic to most fishes and other aquatic organisms. This is where the bacteria become a very crucial part of the aquaponic system.
The nitrification process is that in which the autotrophic bacteria uses the oxygen in a two-step process to first convert the toxic ammonia (NH3 or NH4+) to nitrite(NO2-) and then the nitrite is converted to nitrate.
The next step was to make a Biological filter in order to start the initial stage of filtration.
About which we will update and inform you in the upcoming blogs.
-Shrey Paun

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