For the words that I didn’t speak… :)

When you are an architecture student, and reach to the time where you have to go for your internship, it is important that you make the right choice, and I, most definitely think, that I did.

Sacred Groves has led me to the kind of architecture that is hopeful and futuristic. Yes, you read it right, futuristic. Often the word ‘futuristic’ is referred as some kind of ‘robot age’, where everything will be done by machines. But, that’s not future and by all means, that shouldn’t be the future.

The coming times are fragile and it is more in our control that we make the right choices in the present. And Sacred Groves, is making all the right choices, as far as construction is concerned.

Many people fail to realize that this place is not just about cob or working with earth, or the dry compost toilets, etc., it is also more about the way those works are done here.

The way people live here, the way they help each other out, the way they share the burdens of, lifting heavy stones, heavy barns or even emotionally,etc. all of this might also be the need of future, because the concept of ‘living together’ is also at stake.

Sacred Groves has taught me a lot more than the many construction techniques, it has taught me to be more aware of the surroundings, and has made me realize that every ‘waste’ can be a ‘resource'(Manu’s words, not mine :D) and I do believe it. Because, after I left Sacred Groves, and was going back to my hometown in train, and wherever I saw demolition waste, like rubble or broken bricks, unused wood, etc. I think of sending it to site and they can use it.
And, now that I have left the place, and have finished my internship, on my last day I was asked to give a ‘speech’ and all I could say was that “I am grateful, for everything that I’ve learnt and everyone that I’ve met”. But, I wanted to say a lot more and, at that moment I was at loss of words, so that very moment I decided that I would write, what I wanted to say.

So a big thank you to Manu, Rene, Joseba, and everyone else, for bearing with me and giving knowledge and memories of lifetime.

Wishing the project, All The Best and will hopefully see you all again.

(P.S.-Sorry if it was a long read)

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