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We are happy to introduce one more water filtration project after the success of Aquaponics. An experimental initiative has been taken by a volunteer, Flo, from Germany. The following article is about his proposal and intentions.

The system proposal is to collect grey water and urine from the shower area , that is consuming 1,000 liters. of water everyday. It goes to the anaerobic pond to treat the chemical waste which is directed towards facultative anaerobic organisms ( aerobic and anaerobic process on different depths).




DSC_0021 IMG_7637 IMG_7640 IMG_7641

The water then goes to the aerobic maturation pond that is very shallow, to allow light penetration to the bottom, which leads to the removal of pathogens, nutrients, etc. Right now 7 ponds have been dug, with varying depths;













Pond(0)= 2.80 m ;Pond(1)= 1.5 m ;Pond(2)= 1 m ;Pond(3)=1 m ;Pond(4)= 1.5m- 0.6m ;Pond(5)= 0.30 m ;Pond(6)= 2 m.
A food belt will be planted along the proposed ponds which will be a way for water filtration in this system.
Flo has been experimenting on the type of plasters he could use inside the ponds to make them waterproof.


Experiment (1) was with 4 parts of clay and 1 part of lime (from lime stone), mixing with coconut coir for binding.
Experiment (2) was with 3 parts of sand 3 of clay and 2 of lime (from lime stone) with coir.
Experiment (3) will be done using lime from sea shells.

download (1)coir imagessand download download (1)lime

Flo and his friends are looking forward for more experiments with plasters and anaerobic processes in upcoming days while they go to the beach every weekend to collect some shells and memories.

Flo says, “We have around 748 million people in the world who don’t have enough water to drink. 80% of the diseases are spread due to water contamination in developing countries and 25% of deaths are occurring with the same reason.”
He feels, it is not about we are too many people, it’s not about water scarcity, it’s about;  We don’t use water in the correct way. We need to change the way of using or reusing water. For e.g. we can reuse the recycled water from showers and toilets for growing food, constructing buildings, or washing and thus save our drinking water. Thus we have ideas to reuse the water without using energy.
We’ll keep updating the flow of FLO in upcoming blog.

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