Learning from each other


In this ancient illustration from the medieval Spain we can see sitting under the
trees, neatly labelled a Gentile or pagan; a Jew; a Saracen or Moslem and a Christian; the
lady whose horse wades in the stream represents Intelligence. They are together and they
are learning from each other philosophical and spiritual traditions.
We thought that this illustration could be a good inspiration for the work that we are
undertaking in Sacred Groves. This is a housing project based in Auroville, the Universal
City in the making. We want to learn from each other in spite of all kind of cultural,
religious, social and national differences we can have between us. We want to leave all
this behind us and discover everything that can contribute to unite us; we want to strive to
find the different ingredients and the good proportions that can make possible this in our
increasingly interconnected world, we believe that probably the best recipe for the future
will be the preparation of a good “cultural masala” in this space that could integrate the
best of all our different cultures and backgrounds.
Also we want to question the present paradigms of the conventional construction of
today, one of the mayor responsible of the ongoing degradation and big environmental
disasters we are witnessing every day. We want to build houses but we want a
construction more respectful with the environment, more eco-friendly and more affordable.
We will strive to find the appropriated technologies, the knowledge of the past and the
knowledge of the future that is waiting for us.
We would like to extend an invitation to all those that are not present between us, all
those nonconformists with the world as it is today, all those that aspire to a better world to
come here and contribute sincerely to make this possible.

Joseba July 2016

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