Demolition waste

As time is passing the amount ofconstruction happeningis growing vigorously. With the rapid growth in construction activities, construction waste and demolition waste is increasing day by day. The best of cement structures last for a maximum of 100 years.This means that a cement building does not last beyond a generation! While 60% of all the resources being consumed by the current human population trying and finding different techniques of using the demolition is becomes crucial.
Where does all the demolition waste go?

Most of the demolition waste is dumped in natural water bodies. The demolition waste being dumped into the rivers build uphuge barriers at the deepest points where the river flows in its full strength and eventually most of the rivers cease to flow. The demolition waste is also dumped along the banks of the city lakes. Finally they end up becoming flat lands and end upbecoming prey for land mafia. A century of this practice has already lead to the drying up of innumerable rivers and lakes. With this amount of demolitionwaste created order of demolition for buildings should be progressive. And adoption of 3R principle (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) should be followed.Thus up-cycling it has become a crucial job to be done along with using materials in renewable forms.

How do we use demolition waste at Sacred Grovesproject?
• The demolitionwaste which we collected is first poured on the arrangement that segregates it into different sizes.

• The biggest pieces of demolition waste have been used to build foundation, parapet walls and also in back filling the landscaping.

• The smaller chunks are broken and are used in earth-crete mix in the place of gravel.

• The stone pieces and cement pieces have been used in rubble trench foundation.

• Broken brick pieces are being used in aqua-ponicssystem as an effective grow bed material.

• Powdered brick and tile pieces (Surkhi) is used along with lime in tadelakt plaster, exterior lime plaster and lime flooring.

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