We constructed wattle and daub as interior partition walls in the dorm.

Wattle and daub is a simple and very effective wall construction technique. It was often used in medieval Europe and is known for its earth-quake resistance.


A wattle is a woven wooden skeleton and daub is a sticky mixture of sub soil (the layer of earth beneath the top soil) and fibres like rice straw and rice husk that is applied on the wattle. It is a very effective earthquake resistant structure.

How did we construct wattle and daub?

1. Vertical supports made of coconut reapers(2”X1”) of height 9’6” were laid at 2ft interval dividing the span of 16ft into 8 divisions.
2. In the 2ft gaps palm reed were laid in a diagonal fashion with the help of reapers as shown in the sketch below.
3. Wet mix of cob was prepared.
4. The wet mix was then laid on the wattle from both the sides in such a manner that there were no air gaps left.
5. It was left to dry until it lost moisture completely.

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