As a kid I have spent almost every vacation at my grandmother’s place. This house is in the farms where milk is got from cow every morning, vegetables from the farm, a little water pond close to the house and a lot of trees to play on.

However, since summer heat would not allow being outside, I would always find a cool spot for my afternoon naps. This spot was in a cob hut where I would spend my time peacefully.

And I do the same till date.

Growing up while studying architecture, a sense towards materials got developed and I realized that that my comfort lays in Natural Buildings.

Through travelling, I understood how a house is best when the materials and the labor skills locally found and the design is done in accordance to their geographical, cultural and climatic conditions.

Natural buildings are carbon negative, which means that their embodied energy is much less compared to conventional buildings.

The organic materials absorb carbon from the surrounding environment. As far as it is protected from moisture and humidity, the buildings serve for a very long time.

I see natural buildings as a set of traditional skills to be used by one in order to live a healthy life.

  • Aishwarya Shendre


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