Adieu Batch of Dec 2018-April 2019

Architectural Internship is a time period in which one devotes their time and energy to gain knowledge of the practical implementation and to prepare them so as to put their feet into the pool of professionalism .

The batch of Dec’18 to April’19 experienced a refurbished version of the Internship process at Sacred Groves .

The interns could adapt themselves easily to the environment and felt at ease to be themselves – as goofy and childlike as possible! Respecting the site , living in a community, taking care of people, animals and plants as their own . They also took turns in taking up the responsibility of coordinating the circle .
A perfect blend of well structured academic sessions, group assignments , documentary evenings , learning Saturdays and site tours… And also the fun filled learning experience of hands on – with mud, bamboo, lime , and the time consuming art of Araish plaster !

Assignments done by the interns –
Soil Tests
Designing a compost toilet for high rise buildings .
Collecting shells from the beach to make lime .
Research Topic – Technique used in Natural buildings which has been faded away . Adaptation of it to our buildings .

As its almost time to say goodbye to this batch, we’re feeling extremely nostalgic, along with the focus on academics , we’ve had a lot of crazy times , and well . that’s probably for another day, another blog . 🙂

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