The ladder house erected by the summer school, has been receiving it’s interior details, steadily, every day.
The new team, which is also growing day by day, with the addition of more volunteers and interns,  has now completed the flooring of the house. While the flooring for the base is, by default, provided by the deconstructed truck, the floor for the first floor and the second floor has been set up on the ladder structure .

Arch. intern, Amoolya, at her favourite construction activity, sawing off wood.
Light yet strong, the coconut tree wood, is a great alternative material, found especially abundantly in this part of the world.
Left overs of plywood planks


Made using locally sourced leftovers of coconut tree wood planks and some leftovers of plywood, and woven with coir ropes, this floor  is another great example of ‘waste’ reuse. The coconut tree wood makes for a strong yet light flooring solution and also a  good example of using locally sourced  affordable materials.

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