Internships & Volunteering at Sacred Groves

Sacred Groves is no ordinary construction site. You don’t need previous construction experience to work here. We are a vibrant and international group of Architects,volunteers, Architecture interns and laborers, all working together as a team and and learning from each other in the process. Our own personal growth is an important element of the project.

Sacred Groves is a self-build project which attempts to attain ecological living, on a budget!
The work environment at Sacred Groves teaches one to build as well as to live together, with one’s mind, body, heart and soul. This implies that the volunteers  and Interns have to be open to various micro-projects that would work intuitively to develop the whole being not just the rational mind.We are also a constantly evolving community of persons driven by the ideals which inspired the founding of Auroville.

As a Volunteer, You Will:

  • Learn construction skills on-the-job
  • Learn about sustainable construction and Eco technologies
  • Be encouraged to take initiative and responsibility
  • Have the freedom and flexibility to express your skills, ideas and creativity through our programme of ‘micro projects’
  • Have fun meeting and working with people from all around the world


What We Stand for:

Minimal Use Of Resources : Meaning that (as far as possible) we recycle and reuse the materials we have on site, and we buy only when it’s not possible otherwise.

Open-Mindedness : We believe in lending a sympathetic ear to everyone’s views, so no idea remains unheard of.

Conscious Living : We stand for living in harmony with nature and being conscious of our surroundings, and

Teamwork : All projects undertaken by the team are completed by the team.

Work Ethics:

Our work timings are-5 days a week (Monday – Friday) from 07:30 a.m. to 04:30 p.m. for a minimum commitment of 1 month for volunteers.

We value our time and we expect all Interns & Volunteers to participate wholeheartedly by being on site by 07:25 a.m.

Please be aware that Auroville and Sacred Groves have a strict Zero Tolerance policy on use of Tobacco, Alcohol,Marijuana,Drugs & illegal Activities and you will need to abstain from using any of these on the premises as long as you have comitted to the project.If found,you would be terminated immediately without warning.

Volunteers must know that site work involves physical work that they must be mentally prepared for.


Mandatory Volunteer Contribution:

Sacred Groves is an experimental project in sustainable construction. We are happy to give students and volunteers the opportunity to work with us and learn about natural building practices. For the construction we rely fully on donations and income from workshops and presentations. The running cost of the site needs to be covered by contributions of the interns and volunteers.

We require that the Volunteers pay a mandatory contribution of ₹ 250 /- per day and this amount includes his/her daily food expenses excluding dinner & Partial funding for the project and Auroville Maintenance contribution.

We would require the contributions to be paid in advance.

A Total sum of ₹ 7500/month is to be paid by the volunteers at the time of arrival .Accomodation charges extra at ₹ 3000/month

If you are interested in volunteering, Write to us at:

and We’ll get back to you!

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  1. Hi Manu,

    My partner and I are in Auroville for a couple of weeks and was wondering if it is possible for us to join the volunteer program for a week. We are not architecture students but are keen in learning to build with natural/local materials so that we could apply and implement the same in our region ( Darjeeling). Do let us know if you can find something suitable for us.

    Thank you and regards,

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