The New stewards of SacredGroves :D

Hello grovers ! I am Meera, an architecture student from Bhopal on a year long vacation from college and a new Sacred Grove intern. I wrote the previous post and then figured that you folks don’t really know me or any of the new members of our family, so I thought I would take the pleasure of introducing them to you.… READ MORE...

Humble Peter and his PVC Dome

Architects in Auroville believe in working together and encourage each and every idea to make the place better. Peter Matthias Anderschitz, an architect from Berlin who has been in Auroville since 1971 needed some help from the SacredGroves volunteers. A group of eight volunteers from SacredGroves were present at the Savitri Bhavan campus to help him to lift and align an 8 meters in diameter geodesic dome made up of PVC pipes.… READ MORE...


We’re changing: that’s the only constant in life.

This past week we went through a lot of changes, people coming in, people heading out, people taking a break.. Things are changing!


First it was Jagruti who had to return to her college. … READ MORE...

The Curious Case of the Rains

Humans are a naturally social beings. We are designed to live together within extended families, to share our resources fairly and to protect each other from harm. Today we tend to live within larger, less coherent, communities. As a result, we feel less secure as individuals and more vulnerable.… READ MORE...

My Guiding Light

He is not a perfectionist. He does not need to be one. He is surrounded by imperfections. Imperfections that are dynamic and transitory. He embraces change. It is a part of his being. He adapts himself and his principles to bring about the change he believes in.… READ MORE...

Sanguine Sarin



Of a place like SacredGroves, he did dream,

Quiet and coy at first, he did seem.

Four months, and more to go,

For his daily dedication, we admire him so…

Of energy, he has no dearth:

With hands made to mould the earth;

Our cob wall, a strong bulwark:

Every square inch, bearing his finger mark.…

Fly High


Let me show you a bright new world,
Here we begin to build and build to be free.

Let’s build a nest full of love,
Learn to open our wings,
Like free birds in sky,
Together we fly, fly high.

Locked inside a concrete box,
Eating to please the daily clock,
Plugged our minds to a piece of trash,
Blind by truth, obey the cash.…

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap!

At SacredGroves, seeds of hard work, dedication, internal reflection and sincerity have always been sown. It gives the community great joy to see some of these seeds actually bear fruit over time. As we know, growing and nurturing plants is a task.… READ MORE...

Diwali with a Circle of Light!


At SacredGroves this Diwali we had a circle of light on the centre field, the field that forms a connection between Auroville and the village around. It’s shared by both and lies under-utilized by the Aurovilians as of now. The villagers use the same to play cricket on holidays and as a means to commute.… READ MORE...

Super cool ….. Anshooool!


He’s that one friend, who’ll always stand by you.

He’s that one mentor who, in hard times, will pull you through.

He’s that one guy who’ll never let you down.

He’s that one leader whose team members shall never frown!

He’s that one elder brother whom you can always rely on.… READ MORE...