Waste Management: The City Scene

waste segregation
The Resource Centre at SacredGroves where our waste is segregated into 9 different types.


A post-Auroville Experience…

The typical Indian city is far from implementing the basic rule of handling urban waste: segregation. The local residents’ association, however, takes the matter into its own hands once in a while.… READ MORE...

Getting the mix right !

Cob is a mixture of sandy-sub soil, clay and straw. It is mixed by crushing the particles together by either dancing on it or using the head of a digger. Historically cob might have been mixed by farm animals who would walk up and down on the sand, clay and straw.… READ MORE...

Fly High


Let me show you a bright new world,
Here we begin to build and build to be free.

Let’s build a nest full of love,
Learn to open our wings,
Like free birds in sky,
Together we fly, fly high.

Locked inside a concrete box,
Eating to please the daily clock,
Plugged our minds to a piece of trash,
Blind by truth, obey the cash.…

If you are from SacredGroves…

  1. You have visited the health centre a couple of times by now.
  2. You have stepped in the sacred circle of water at least once.
  3. You’ve typed ‘scared’ instead of ‘sacred’ more than once.
  4. You fear being late for the morning circle just to avoid volunteering for the morning exercise.

A Dream Community

I joined SacredGroves in April 2014 to move away from the maddening cities and explore life in its basic form. As I got involved more and more, I began seeing the value of the work I was doing and the impact it was going to have on my life and the world.… READ MORE...

Tahir Kadir Hussen, One Love

“Balance?, No Balance?”The 22 year old,asks everyone at the end of the day at the Sacred 2000xTahirCircle. He moves his arms up and down, his palms connoting the two pans of a weighing scale.“There has to be a sense of balance between your personal and professional life.”, he says with a wide smile on his face.