Bottoms Up… A Scorpion Barrier!


Can you think of ways of re-using beer bottles in the construction industry? All that most of us can think of is a wall with recycled bottles or some sculpture or an aesthetic addition to a building.


But here at SacredGroves we tried to make use of those same bottles in an innovative way.… READ MORE...

BuildFree Step #01

The BuildFree initiative started with a house for Tahir, a long-term volunteer here at SacredGroves. Over the past two months, it has taken a unique course, involved various people and processes, all centred around the core idea of ubuntu.

ubuntu definition


The process of designing Tahir’s house together was and is an intuitive one.… READ MORE...

Step Up!


steps 00

The toilet structure at SacredGroves needed a final piece to be in place. The steps!! Evenings at the dorm are incomplete without people vouching to get into the shower or yelling to get into the bathroom first. The design team for the steps, thus, decided that this final piece needs to be an interactive space, a place where the people waiting for their shower can chat and relax at the end of a hectic day.… READ MORE...

The New Toilet Complex – Part #02

Parallel to the construction of the toilet chambers, the framework for the floor of the complex was constructed. Bamboo, being a fast growing renewable resource, is an ideal option for lightweight structures.

The Primary Structure

However, much like any type of wood, bamboo is highly susceptible to attack by termites.… READ MORE...

The New Toilet Complex – Part #01

With more and more of the SacredGroves volunteers living on site, the need for a second set of showers and toilets arose.


The location was intended to be accessible from the new dormitory (but not close enough for its occupants to be perturbed by the occasional smell from the toilet chambers).… READ MORE...

Palm Magic

On the lookout for the local and the natural, that which can be replenished, which does not come from an industrial assembly line and, at the end of its lifetime, retreats to the earth, hurtless to its surroundings. This is an essential element of the SacredGroves principle.… READ MORE...

Cobb: The Fun Way To Build


Cob, clom, witchert, clay dabbins, rad and dab are just some of the terms that describe the process of working with earth (rich in clay), aggregate and/or straw that is used to make walls without the use of moulds. These methods are ancient and have a proven track record.… READ MORE...

Our Sacred Circle

At SacredGroves we believe in being together and working with energy that enthrals everybody around. But for all the energy to get an initiation does it not need a special place? A place where no idea is left unheard, where everyone comes together and celebrates the spirit of sacred groves, these pondering questions soon became directive principles in mind.… READ MORE...


At  SacredGroves, we face challenges every single day. The construction of the Grade beam was nothing less than a challenge for us.

The preparation started a week before and the steel was laid on the previous day. The grade beam is at the foundation level and it  is made of earthcrete which is poured into shutters made of corrugated recycled tetra pack sheets and manually rammed.… READ MORE...