70 km from Tamil Nadu, 26 year old Sundar, grew up on a farm. Naturally inclined towards farming and sustainable food growing practices, he came to Auroville, aiming to learn about the same , four years ago.

He studied and worked at the Buddha Garden, was part of the living routes program, and lived with farming communities in  the South East Asia,  enriching his experience in the field of local and global sustainable practices.… READ MORE...


Aviral Sinha – 21 years old – Delhi

When we asked this architect student from Delhi about his motivations and goals for joining the Sacred Groves team, he immediately answered “Hands on work, innovation! “. Aviral doesn’t see himself working in front of a computer all daylong, sketching projects and not really building them.… READ MORE...

Fresh new faces

Say hello to the two new interns of Sacred Groves!

Sneha and Shalini are both architecture students and they come from Calcuta and Bangalore. The girls will share their knowledge and creativity with us for 6 months ( at least…). This is just the beginning 🙂


The sacred team!

First post in the blog = picture of our current team!

Our crew is often changing, so don’t be surprised to see new faces! Many have joined us and shared their knowledge, but these are the faces in today’s crew!

Soon you will get a better idea and a closer approach to each one of our members.… READ MORE...