Natural Architecture and Natural Building

-Ar. Ram Mohan Shastry

What is Natural Architecture?

Before that, lets try and understand,

What is a Natural Building?

  • Is it a space designed and built using what can be categorized as naturally available materials?
  • Is it a space designed and built using the techniques developed which are determined to be from a particular time period?

December Workshop is upon us!

Earth has always been the core of construction, both in the simplest and the most complex of ways. It has provided for the materials that we use in processes both ecological and otherwise. It is our duty towards the earth  to be responsible and learn the ways of ecological development to make a difference in the impact we have as people living and sharing this earth.… READ MORE...



As a kid I have spent almost every vacation at my grandmother’s place. This house is in the farms where milk is got from cow every morning, vegetables from the farm, a little water pond close to the house and a lot of trees to play on.… READ MORE...

Foundations laid for the first 3 houses!

The foundations for the first 3 houses and their water tanks were completed last week.

A mix of cement, earth and rubble in the ratio 1:9:18 is rammed into the foundation trenches. For the houses, a layer of bigger rocks is laid on top of this mix and a slurry of cement and earth is poured to fill in the gaps. 


The dearly departed Prachi

Departed is referring of course to the original french root of the word “départ” which means to leave, go away.

Prachi was our blog mistress. This blog was started by her and two other volunteers, Lazare and Guillerme who returned home months ago.… READ MORE...

Segregation happening in Sacred Groves

At Sacred Groves, we believe in segregation.

Indeed, we believe that whatever is different should be separated.

For example, one does not mix highly expensive Italian marble with old concrete, or country fired bricks.

We were fortunate enough to have access to the huge and highly mixed piles of Matrimandir rubble for free.… READ MORE...

The Show Must Go On

The Summer School is finished and all the students have gone back to their places. However, our hands are still on work! Architect Sunmi, from Korea, and the interns are now working on the final details of the house… sketchings and more sketchings… Carry on, team!… READ MORE...

Fresh new faces

Say hello to the two new interns of Sacred Groves!

Sneha and Shalini are both architecture students and they come from Calcuta and Bangalore. The girls will share their knowledge and creativity with us for 6 months ( at least…). This is just the beginning 🙂


DAY 01

The place is buzzing like an anthill and everyone knows their role.

As the phoenix, the office will reborn from its ashes.

Check out the video!

Check out the pictures on our Facebook page ;-p… READ MORE...