Foundations laid for the first 3 houses!

The foundations for the first 3 houses and their water tanks were completed last week.

A mix of cement, earth and rubble in the ratio 1:9:18 is rammed into the foundation trenches. For the houses, a layer of bigger rocks is laid on top of this mix and a slurry of cement and earth is poured to fill in the gaps. 


Concreting the container foundation

It’s bustling with activity here! The long awaited container foundation is getting ready, after finally managing to procure a concrete mixer. The teams seem to be well geared, working together.

Add rubble from the right, sand from the left,

Cement from the front, and get mix from the back;

Pour it down in the pit AND repeat!…

Inventions galore!

At the Sacred Groves, everyone is constantly encouraged to identify their own task hurdles and find out and design their own solutions. And what we end up with are some very cool personal inventions, from time to time.

Our rubble separator, designed by Gilles, is one such example.… READ MORE...

Segregation happening in Sacred Groves

At Sacred Groves, we believe in segregation.

Indeed, we believe that whatever is different should be separated.

For example, one does not mix highly expensive Italian marble with old concrete, or country fired bricks.

We were fortunate enough to have access to the huge and highly mixed piles of Matrimandir rubble for free.… READ MORE...